The Chakra Season: October and the Tenth Chakra

The Tenth Chakra

* Here’s an excerpt from The Chakra Seasons, a series of articles shared with member of the Cosmic Goodness Party, where we explore the chakras through the corresponding cycle of the seasons. Want to read more? Click here to join us.

Non nobis solum nati sumus. 
Not for ourselves alone are we born.
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Welcome to the Tenth Chakra, the foundation of Home for all earthly beings. Two legged, four legged, slithering, feathered or furred, Stone People, Standing People and countless more… all beings of the earth.

This chakra aligns beautifully with the month of October, as this is the time of Hallows Eve – not merely to celebrate the gorging of candy and carving of pumpkins, but traditionally a time to honor our ancestors, our beloved dead. As the shadows lengthen and the days dwindle, we turn inward preparing not only for the reflection of winter time, but also acknowledging read more…

Perspective is Everything

Sometimes we make it so much harder than we need to, right? I saw this video some time ago, and couldn’t help but think about how hard this poor little girl was making things for herself.

It’s a great metaphor of how we can get so wrapped up in the stories we tell ourselves, making believe This is the truth! when it’s really an illusion.



When you think about – aren’t we all like this sometimes? Is there something in your life that is really much harder than it needs to be?

Be honest, now – maybe you need to look at it from a new perspective or maybe you need to shift your attitude.

Or maybe you just need to get deep in there and shift the energy around the whole thing, to realize that the burden you’re struggling with is not as heavy as you think it is.

And just like that wise old sage, Yoda, reminds us: it’s worth remembering that there is no try – even if you’re attempting to have your big breakthrough, win their heart in love, get that promotion …

if you’re taking action and breathing, then you aren’t just trying, my friend: you’re on your way. You just haven’t arrived yet.


Press on, regardless.






PS And hey, when all else fails, ask for a helping hand. That’s what we’re here for: to help each other. Blessings xo

Should you?

Meditate, I mean.




If you’ve been wondering if it’s worth it, or is it really all that – let me tell you why it just may be the key ingredient to not only being a radical success in your life – but also creating a better world. Seriously!


Listen in:





Love & Magic



PS Don’t have enough time in your day to listen to all of this (it’s roughly 15 minutes), let alone meditate? Press play at about 11:06 and take five. I give you permission to take a quick break!



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