I love to hear from my happy clients. Please read their stories to get a sense of the kind of transformations that can occur when we work together.

The process that we do together in The Freedom Sessions, or my other offerings, is often intense, sometimes subtle and filled with grace,  always amazing —  it is a sacred journey towards greater self awareness & empowerment, and I’m humbled and honored to be a part of your breakthroughs and transformations!

I wanted to do the Freedom Sessions with Kimberely for years, but the timing never felt right.

There are big scary life changes I knew deep down I need to make and I was afraid my guides and past lives would somehow call me out on that and make me take those actions before I felt ready.

Then one day I knew it was time to work intimately with Kimberely and signed up.

I have never felt so supported in my whole life. Not just from Kimberely, but more importantly from myself, from my soul and from my guides.

I have my guides and past lives in my corner, cheering me on, as I take these next steps in my life and it doesn’t feel scary at all. I have access to this unlimited support and encouragement at all times.

This is better than I could have ever imagined. 



Fiona Kurt Seabell

Artist and Community Builder

Kimberely, I am doing great, thanks largely to you.

So much good stuff has happened since our last session. So much.

My business has opened up like crazy. My life is streamlined, my relationships are better, I can’t even begin to start with all the good stuff.

And the manifesting. That’s blowing my mind. I can think something and I always get a sign on how to move forward.

Whatever you removed from my path was spot on, because it’s working.

The biggest thing is the return of my life force. I’m not tired and angry all the time. I have energy and I feel alive. And that makes me happy, and that’s connecting me back to divine source.

So how do I express gratitude to you for all this? I cannot, but I want for you everything that you want for yourself. And oodles of joy and happiness.

Deepa Ramachadran

Owner, Acumen Accounting and Tax Services, Inc.

Kim is the real deal. I contacted her after having my you-know-what hit the fan–again.

Kim’s work  illuminated deep past life issues that were making what I’m called to be and do this time around really, really hard on multiple levels.

The healing that came through Kim’s work on my behalf was astounding. And lasting. Best investment ever. Thank you, Kimberely!


Teresa Luttrell

Owner, EnLiven Bed & Breakfast

“I’m ambitious, smart, driven, successful, accomplished…

And yet, before I met Kimberely, I felt like I was being held back from achieving all that I knew I was capable of in my business (and my life).

Sometimes I could clearly see that I was repeating habits that weren’t setting me up for success, but I couldn’t get myself to stop those habits permanently, no matter what I tried.

Other times it seemed like a series of strange events would occur to prevent me from getting something crucial done (such as a loss of data on my computer right before holding an important meeting, or getting sick just as I was about to launch something big).

Over the years I’ve done quite a bit of cognitive and spiritual work to deal with childhood ‘issues’ (Don’t we all have those? No? Just me?) and to understand myself and others better, but I knew there was something going on at an energetic level that I just wasn’t going to be able to deal with on my own.

I signed up for a Kung Fu Woo session with Kimberely, having no real conscious idea what I was getting myself into (but feeling a deep pull nonetheless). Within minutes during that session, Kimberely had NAILED the patterns I’d been experiencing for years (maybe my entire life).

What she said made SO much sense and gave me a feeling of relief that I wasn’t just flawed in some way but that I was dealing with energetic ‘souvenirs’ I’d collected from other lives I’ve been living.

I felt that I had been setting the stage for years for a BIG shift in my business and life, and that now was the time for freedom. From the patterns that were holding me back, irrational fears that had no root in any reality that I knew, and behavioral patterns and habits that I knew would ultimately sabotage the level of success that I desired.

I honestly didn’t realize how amazing my work with Kimberely would actually be—but I CAN say that it has changed my life. And I don’t say that carelessly! There are very few things that have had such an immense impact on me as The Freedom Sessions.

Since working with Kimberely, I find myself stronger and more capable of meeting challenges. I also feel a much deeper connection to my source. With a better understanding of my soul’s journey, I am accordingly better equipped to handle whatever comes up in this lifetime. This results in me making clearer decisions about my relationships, my communication, and my daily actions.

I’m already seeing so many changes within (many of them intangible but PRICELESS) and look forward to seeing where this work will have an effect in the future as well. If you’ve found yourself trapped in any type of repeated pattern that you can’t seem to shake on a conscious level, or you just want to see how amazing your life could be if you lifted your limitations, I highly recommend you contact Kimberely and give yourself the gift of freedom TODAY.

Helen Hunter Mackenzie

CEO , Hunter Mackenzie Group

When I approached Kimberely for the Freedom Sessions, I had done SO much work already. I’d worked with (who knows how many) coaches, a therapist, read all the books, took all the courses.

Nothing had helped me move past the intense underlying feelings I always came back to, which revolved around everything “not enough.”

Operating from “not enough” ruled my entire life. It affected every aspect of my self, my life, my business. All of my decisions came from this unhealthy and false place of not enough.

Even my eating and shopping habits, obsessive type behavior stemmed from this thought, this embedded feeling. I mean everything. I just felt like I could never get a grip on moving ahead past this. And it actually felt like the more I TRIED, the deeper I sank.

My days were filled with a lot of stress and feelings of just not worth it. I ditched a lot of social events, both personal and business, because of the overwhelm of these feelings. I didn’t want to be seen. Well, I DID, but not like that. I’d say I was pretty high stressed on a daily basis!

When I read about the Freedom Sessions, it just FELT right. I got chills. I loved that it wasn’t a gimmicky, get better quick type thing, or a superficial generic fix all type thing.

The Freedom Sessions spoke directly to my heartspace. 

I felt like finally someone understood how I was feeling, and had a different approach on how to help ME move forward, meeting me exactly where I was at the time. It was based more on SOUL than on external factors. Because, lets face it, if losing 20 pounds was as easy as eating less/moving more, we would all be 20 pounds less, right??

The Freedom Sessions experience spoke to healing the underlying, deep, feelings that cause us to be stuck in hurtful or unhealthy patterns. And THAT is what got me. 

I think the combination of Kimberely’s vast wealth of knowledge and the ease and grace and love she brings to her work is incredible. But I think the most surprising part for me was quite unique. I found out my mother was dying right before we started working together. In fact, I almost didn’t sign up simply because of that.

But I knew my soul was tugging at me to do this for a reason. Very soon into our sessions I understood very clearly that THIS is what I needed to help me journey open-hearted through my mother’s dying, and connecting deeply with myself in the process of it.

After completing the Freedom Session experience, I had a deep sense of pride.

I felt ancestral & positive karmic ties that I believe were there all along my whole life. But now, I’m aware of them. I feel like they have my back when things get hard.

I can call upon this rooted, real power anytime I need it. To calm me, balance me, ground me, or propel me through the really hard shit.

Because, I know now, all of THAT …  is inside me. It’s a part of me. It IS me.

Amber Bryce

Owner & Artist, Amber Bryce :: Intuitive Luxury Jewelry Design

There comes a moment in one’s life when, in spite of our logical mind, our roles, our environment, or the people around us, we know we absolutely must step into our power. This is spirit talking. This is our most authentic, our High Self, telling us that ‘it is time’.

Kimberely Arana is the person who is there to inspire and guide your journey. She possesses the perfect balance of knowledge, intuition, wisdom and heart to come alongside you and guide you to your own Unshakable Soul.

She has done this, and even more, for me. I could never have even imagined the strength, conviction and pure joy that I feel at this moment in my life six months ago when Kimberely and I began to work together. We are truly here in this life to claim our fullest share of joy, passion and purpose. If you want to step into ‘flow’ with the human BEING you are meant to be, I highly, highly recommend partnering with Kimberely.

Not only that…PLEASE accept and claim your authentic power because we all need the FULL you on this earth at this time. Thank you, Kimberely, for sharing your gift with such strength, authenticity and passion. Namaste.”

Whitney Freya

Creatively Fit

In the midst of a downward spiral, I was feeling the most lost, confused, and misunderstood that I had ever felt in my entire life. Seemingly overnight, things that had always been “ok”, suddenly just weren’t.

I walked around in a shell of a body with no spark lit on the inside. In other words, I was not ok. And I kept saying to myself, “I’m not ok… Why isn’t anyone asking me if I’m ok?”

As fate had it, I was offered the opportunity to have a 15-minute Kung Fu Woo session with Kimberely. We emailed back and forth, scheduled the date and time, and then everyday leading up to the appointment, I almost cancelled. “This is not going to be fun,” I told myself. “I don’t want to deal with what I have to deal with.”

But in the end, this is the thought that won out, “I can’t keep doing what I’m doing. I’m not ok.”

Kimberely hit the nail on the head during that call! I signed up for the Freedom Sessions that very afternoon, and set myself on a life-changing journey.

Set boundaries. Stand in your truth. Be kind to yourself. These were new concepts to me. Breaking old patterns. Setting new tracks.

It was like seeing my whole life through a new set of eyes. This required work on my part (real work, on the inside here), and of course I battled through my own resistance. But with Kimberely’s loving encouragement and a fair share of magic and mystery, that spark that I thought had gone out forever, it reignited!

Not only that, it filled up this entire being of mine and now shines it’s light out into the world. Bright. Strong. And proud.

Did Kimberely change my life? Absolutely! But more importantly, she taught me how to change my own life. And for this, I am forever grateful.

Beth Anderson

eco-artist + owner, Reclaim Simplicity

I had been contemplating working with Kimberely for almost a year before we both agreed that it was the right time, and I really understand why! I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting myself into, I just felt drawn to working with Kimberely; and I had experienced a bit of her magic in our Kung Foo Woo session.

I was struggling with being all over the place and feeling a little lost on what my “thing” was. I would start projects and never finish them, feel just kind of blah in general, it was almost like the endless search had caused me to lose my passion for just about everything.

I was also getting really stuck on trying to find someone else to tell me what to do … and I finally started working Kimberely when I was ready to be guided to figure it out myself. 

The Freedom Sessions were nothing short of amazing.

Kimberely asks the hard questions, the ones that get you really thinking and are a true catalyst for change. She stands up for who you were meant to be and can be, and holds you to that standard. She sees what is possible and holds that space for you to see it, too.

I still have a lot of work to do, but Kimberely helped clear out the muck and get things a bit more focused, so I can continue my journey of discovery.

I would absolutely recommend the Freedom Sessions and Kimberely to anyone ready to do the work. If you feel drawn to the woo, you need to get connected with this woman!”

Abbie Mood

Dog Trainer & Communicator, Founder of Life Discover Project

I have had the wonderful good fortune for having worked with Kimberely Arana during our Freedom Sessions. It has been an extremely liberating experience on many levels, namely mental, spiritual and energetic.

I have been dealing with frustrations for the last 10 years that have been buried and hidden away by my ego layered with fears and wrapped in denial, that finally saw the light of day after completing my work with Kimberely.

The coaching and guidance not only empowered me with the skills to investigate deeper within myself yet also to become more aware of the circumstances that give rise to these troubles.

Initially, skeptical at this process, having been in the medical profession, I sought out Kimberely after seeing her success with a family member. Spiritually and energetically drawn to “find” mySelf from the depths of time and space and determined to live a “on-purpose” life, I took the plunge of contacting Unshakable Soul.

Fully consented, I embarked on my journey towards a brighter and  liberating future for which I am immensely grateful.

Past lifetimes of hurt, confusion and alienation were brought forth and released on our travels, allowing the present moment of Now to be more vibrant and enable my future to be more tangible. My fears, doubts and uncertainties of lifetimes have been acknowledged, given a voice and graciously been bidden “adieu.”

The lessons have been taught, the skills are now known, the maintenance of the new state of Being is now up to me. What can be more empowering than that. When I get “stuck” again, which is not within the realm of impossibility, I will seek out Unshakable Soul once again for help, of this I have no doubt or reservation.

Kimberely is a skilled professional, a generous and energetic human being, and an amazing spirit with incredible gifts to help her fellow travelers on this blue-green planet.

If you have never tried the Freedom Sessions, or worked with Kimberely Arana at Unshakable Soul, or are even having second thoughts, allow this humble testimony to resurrect your faith of who you are and urge you to help yourself, find your Self.

You have been waiting to meet yourSelf your whole life, wait no further, and live a great life from now onwards.

Wish you the best, and blessings.

Nitin Bhatnagar

Writer and Cardiologist

My experience with Kimberely was so inspiring! We identified where I needed to grow, she helped me set an intention and was a thoughtful guide through the process.

Instead of distracting myself with “shiney objects” and procrastinating, I am now open to successfully dive into my healing art business and embrace the light that is all around me!

She was able to help me forgive and heal my relationship with my father, enabling me to re-member from a higher level and appreciate our roles in this life. Kimberely is a true gift.

Laura Doty

Energy Healer , ILG Wellness

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with many gifted healers but after having my initial Kung Fu Woo with Kimberely I knew immediately that an experience of a lifetime awaited me.

There were certain issues in my life where I felt very stuck and in working with Kimberely, I was able to address them at their very conception.

Each step of the sessions, from the shamanic journeys to the process sessions, were eye-opening. They were often very challenging for me, but Kimberely’s support, encouragement, compassion and humor made the experience incredible.

What I found to be particularly effective was how the shamanic sessions were interspersed with the process work.

It allowed me to see how events in my past lives affected behavior in my life today. I spent a lot of time looking at my dreams and journaling and was able to identity patterns which I am trying to shift.

Kimberely is a true gem: heart, mind and soul and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Margo Blum


When I signed up for Freedom Sessions, I knew something was holding me back, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I was afraid of having too much time-consuming homework, though, or that I would have a hard time recovering after I laid it all out there. (I call it “Erika detox.”) But Kimberely customized her work to be in alignment with exactly what I needed.

Now, I feel more powerful, more confident, and FINALLY feel like the desires of my soul and my ego are in synch. It’s so important with the work I do, and it feels AMAZING!

Erika Lyremark

Creator + Mastermind, Daily Whip

I knew on some level that I had so much going for me in my life. A good career. A great education. Many dear friends. A loving family. But whenever it came time for me to make a decision about something notable in my life, I doubted my decisions ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it was downright paralyzing.

I tried all kinds of cognitive/behavioral techniques. They helped some but there was always this nagging doubt that I was going to make a mistake. Traditional therapy only went so far.

Other coaching never got at the right stuff. I wanted to try something that promised a soul-connection.

I knew my work was about bringing harmony between my mind and my soul/gut. I needed to trust my intuition as much as I trusted my mind because both were important parts of me. And I knew the parts of me that needed healing could not be addressed through methods that used my mind. I needed something that uncovered aspects of my soul.

Kimberely was a caring, determined, loving guide who uncovered facets of myself that I was unfamiliar with and gave me the tools I needed to reconcile parts of myself that were working against each other. She helped me believe in myself in a way I never imagined possible.

It became obvious from the beginning I was just going to need to let go, open up, and trust the process. I stayed open to what emerged, I did the work in between sessions, and I experienced profound shifts that have brought me great peace and joy and success in my life.

I expected to have some positive change or growth through the process but holy guacamole, this work was like rocket fuel in my life. I stepped quickly out of the shame, guilt and regret of ending a 14-year relationship, I re-engaged with the effort it took to grow my business, and I found confidence and ease in making decisions.

I trusted myself in ways I never had before. And this shift drew new amazing projects to me, allowed me to quit “the day job” and led me to meet an amazing new love.

Denise Roseland


I kept seeing crazy negative patterns in my life that were clear and oh so repetitive. I was attracting situations that were down right frightening and painful. I didn’t know how to change the patterns and so I reach out to Kimberely for help.

Kimberely and I had a trial session that blew my mind. I didn’t know much about her “how” at the time, but when we hopped on the phone, she clued in immediately to some stuff that was going on with me on physical, emotional and energetic levels. I knew immediately that she was gifted and that she could help me.

That was just the tip of the ice berg on our first (still intro!) chat. She continued to home in on specific experiences without my telling her. I felt so much relief and was only disappointed that we couldn’t start working together sooner because she had a waitlist!

The most interesting part of working with Kimberely has been the gift of context. Exploring the realms that we did in our sessions allowed me to see patterns and people in an entirely new light: I am more compassionate with myself and others, I am more inclined to “go easy” instead of charging ahead and now let things unfold without forcing them.

I’m also really impressed with how caring and tuned in Kimberely was over the months that our sessions took place. It’s nice not to be in control and let someone who is an expert do what they do best. I felt safe, like I had an ally, and that she understood the deep emotions/transformations that were taking place in my experience.

Kimberely rocks – I think that when people are ready to experience soul-level change, this is a process that (for me) accomplished it at warp speed without crazy pain!”


Lauren Fritsch

Founder, The Magnetism Factor

Working with Kimberely allowed me to find freedom, power, and possibility in an area of my life in which I had been struggling for years.

I continue to feel both lighter and stronger since completing my work with her, and now have much more energy and passion new things.  Kimberely’s genuine caring for me and my situation throughout this process was obvious, and her support helped me to access the courage and inner strength required to transform my situation.  I’m so grateful to have had an opportunity to work with her.

Ana Peters


Having worked with various healers, psychics and energy workers in the past, I can tell you that Kimberely is all of that, and then some. I was blown away with our initial ‘get to know you’ discussion as I had several epiphanies and energy shifts, and she hadn’t even worked her magic yet!

Kimberely is tenacious with your truth, holding the space for you to move into your soul’s highest potential. Her intuitive gifts make the journey fantastical and her insight is spot on. Having Kimberely walk your journey with you provides you access to a one-woman toolbox, which includes a human flashlight, encyclopedia, first-aid kit, instruction manual, and map!

Since working with Kimberely, I’ve been able to work through and appreciate the deeper meanings to relationship issues, two family members needing unexpected surgeries, and how these all relate to my soul’s purpose work. Weaving an intricate tapestry of understanding, Kimberely has helped me to move forward with confidence knowing I am doing the right thing and aligning with my divine truth, all while teaching me to develop my skills so I can tap into my own source of inner guidance.

Souls evolve as a result of working with Kimberely. I know mine has.

Nikki Shannon

Energy Painter

Thank you, Kimberely, for giving me this space. You truly have a gift, and you honor all whom you touch by sharing it.

Bill Olsen

CPF, President, Olsen Innovations, Inc.

I’ve had a variety of experiences with shamanic healers, and am thoughtful regarding who I will work with. I found Kimberely to be an insightful and empathic healer who works with great skill and integrity. She saw into core of the issue I presented, and found rich details of what I was struggling with that I wasn’t able to articulate.

I’ve regained a clarity and focus that had slipped away from me. The experience was immediately helpful and the effects have deepened with time. I have great gratitude for our work together and the changes I’ve seen in myself. I highly recommend Kimberely as a healer.

Cindy Friedman

Artist and Project Manager

Kim is a wise, loving, and powerful healer – working with her has given me deeper insight into who I am, helped me resolve and release grief and pain I carried for a long time, and freed me to step forward to claim more of my own power. You will benefit greatly from working with her!

Sean Donahue

Traditional Herbalist

If you have found yourself standing at Kim’s door count yourself as blessed. Honesty, integrity, passion, and hard work await you on the other side. I don’t know you, or your story, how you came here, but I know Kim and she lives and breathes this stuff. She has pushed me and challenged me to live my authentic truth with kindness and love with a firm hand she has guided me back to myself and my truth.

I am grateful everyday that the universe brought me to her door. I am even more grateful that I had the courage to step through. Her light shines so bright her clients and students are all divinely inspired to live with honesty and integrity. If you are unsure about working with Kim, listen to your heart, if you can’t hear it Kim can help find your way back home… I count myself blessed to be a part of her life and bask in her glow. With Love…

Rudy Heal

Mother of two and psychic medium

From my workshop retreat of The Quest for the Divine Beloved, at The Journey retreat in Vernonia, OR April 2012:

“The journey that Kimberely took our class on was beyond anything that I could have imagined. The way she explained the meaning of our relationship, or lack there of, with our Divine Beloved truly allowed me to understand the journey, which has included some devastating downs and glorious ups, my live has been on. It was a transformational realization to understand how to cultivate this relationship. We deepened our relationship even further with our Divine Beloved with a powerful guided meditation.

This will certainly not be the last time I work with the gifts that Kimberely has been given!

Vidette Vanderweide

Author of Soul Mama

Your recent insights have been such a powerful force in my life. By so brilliantly illuminating the patterns that were blocking me you have shown me the way to ignite the flame of my enlightened growth and give me the courage to proceed……I have many friends who will truly benefit from your incredible gift…

Shelley Flanders

Artist, Art From The Heart

I’ve sat down several times over the past week after my Good Karma reading with Kimberely to try to put into words the effects that its had. It’s difficult for me to grasp that a one-hour call put my entire life into perspective.

And with something so simple as this knowledge, things started to shift instantly – like smack me in the face shocked when I realized how strongly and quickly these issues started to unravel.

Even with so much shifting already, I can’t wait for the moments when the rest of the reading start to become more clear! I can’t wait to talk to Kimberely again either!

Erica Cosminksy

Writer + Editor, Cosminsky.com

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